Montour Market by NorthNewYork opened June 1, 2020!

...finding a north experience and farm produce & local products.

The product of our collaborative mission with local agencies, local government, and PEOPLE expressing need for sustaining a community experience around good food choices;—this mutual effort since May 2018 was to develop the 2021 Opening of Schuyler County's own gathering/marketplace of Farm Products and Produce lovingly called...


Now with SARS CoV-2 affecting our lives for critical food supplies and our own Schuyler County farm product abundance due to distribution disruptions, we started Montour Market for Summer and Fall weekly produce box sales at our existing Montour House location.

Montour Market design 0; an immediate way forward

Montour Market by NORTH NEW YORK LLC

Montour Market is started ahead of plan (June 1!) and we’ve named this phase with passion and hope: design zero. Design 1 was the original start date of January 2021 but then we were faced with a SARS CoV-2 pandemic which escalated concerns among our friends and stakeholders that we could be dealing with some grave challenges over time here in Montour Falls, Watkins Glen and our whole county regarding food supply. 

Our stakeholders want food stability and local food sources. They are an amazing blend of local non-profits, village government, Schuyler County Partnership for Economic Development, doctors & nurses, educators (nutritionists, public health specialists), other artists & designers, businesses and villagers. 

We are in this “design 0” phase, connecting with farms and local food producers to use investment from some key Montour Market stakeholders to purchase Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) Shares for 6 months of selling, beginning the first week of June. This is something you, your family and friends from circles around these Cities; Bath, Corning, Elmira, and Villages & Towns; Horseheads, Big Flats, Pine Valley, Millport, Alpine, Mecklenburg, Burdett, Hector, Watkins Glen, Reading, Dundee, Beaver Dams, et al; will want to join in as a food hub experience to grow this experience to design 1 and design 2. 

Along this path you will be helping to feed many in need as special moneys are being fronted to our local villagers. Montour Falls has around a quarter of its residents, and nearly forty percent of families with children, living below the poverty line. In addition, nearly one quarter of households in the Village receive SNAP benefits and our systems will be SNAP ready soon.

In “design 0” you are saving some beautiful Schuyler County Farms as we invest in 1000’s of acres of production that has been experiencing double digit growth for the last 2 decades. The green economy is a baseline economy of all of Upstate New York which is healthy and strong. By investing in shares of Montour Market OR EVEN simply volunteer to come to our new food hub, help, and then purchase shares to take home, you are plugging in to the strength of this new economy. 

 We look forward to seeing you soon (within the limits of NYS & CDC guidance for Covid-19)...

Love & Hope-

-Mark & Rebecca, Sanna, Alyssa, Roxanne, Michael, Rusty, Chip, Colleen, Jess, Amanda, John, Jim, Roger, Phil, Judy, Bruce and Bruce.

NORTH is a place I can meet with others and be creative—to envision key aspects of sustainability coming alive locally. 

-Katherine H.
Finger Lakes community neighbor & enthusiast

About Us

Mark and Rebecca


NORTH NEW YORK LLC has been formed in New York on June 1, 2018 to flaunt the expertise, talents, experiences and education of its founders Rebecca Caverly and Mark Edward Wilber. The team is well apportioned with High Art, High Craft, Analytic & Design Thinking; Branding and Marketing Development, Completely Contagious to WorkGroups and Clients. Impassioned by Nature, Health and Wellness, OrganicFarming, Viticulture, The Finger Lakes, The Adirondack Park and New York Lake Villages. Strong in implementing efficient business process, able to measure ... capable to develop repeatable process; eyes wide open for next locations in the FLX and ADK!

Location 1 is Open 2019!

NORTH New York// Design Studio/Coffee Shop No. 1 > while we undergo a major Downtown Revitalization Initiative in Watkins Glen.

Watkins Satellite Address

401 Main St Montour Falls New York USA

Store Hours during COVID-19 Phase 2 Response

8A to 1P M,Tu,W,Th,F,Sa 

Wednesday also 3P to 5P

Closed Sunday

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